Build Your Own IoT Solutions

We empower you to build, develop and scale IoT solutions to achieve the fastest time to market.

Streamlined from Start to Finish

The DIY approach can be painful. We provide a straight path from concept to deployment, significantly reducing your time to market.

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Our integrated components, developer kits, and an optimized LoRaWAN® stack make it easy to get off the ground.


Our global infrastructure, reliable performance, and end-to-end security prepare you for production deployment.

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Our robust IoT platform for gateway and device management, provisioning, and seamless enablement supports your needs as you scale.

Connectivity Built for IoT

LoRaWAN® has emerged as the de-facto standard for global, low-power, long-distance IoT wireless networks.

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Low cost

Low power

Long range

Deep Coverage


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Global Ecosystem

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Partner with us to master the nuances of LoRaWAN® and leverage our best-in-class modules as the foundation for your sensors. Activate and provision your devices in seconds rather than days.

Focus on Your Application
We get your data from the sensor through the cloud allowing you to focus on what makes your solution unique.
Iterate Rapidly
Don’t start from scratch—our starter bundles, devices, and reference code help you move quickly from concept to realization.
Simplify Network Management
Use MQcentral to provision, manage, and debug, while quickly visualizing your sensor data and the health of deployments.

MachineQ QuickStart

Test-drive our IoT network platform with this MachineQ QuickStart bundle. Find out just how easy it is to collect, route, and deliver LoRaWAN® sensor data from edge devices to your end-user application(s).


We've done the heavy lifting to ensure interoperability and specification compliance are optimized for performance.

Pre-Certified LoRaWAN® Module
Accelerate your time to market with an industry leading, high-performance module. Pre-certified by the FCC, it’s plug-and-play design includes an optimized LoRaWAN® stack.
OTA Reference Code
Update sensors remotely, using our Over The Air (OTA) reference code.
Use our APIs to integrate sensor and gateway reporting functions into your own application, or integrate with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Oracle Cloud.
Professional Services
With decades of experience, we offer engineering support, sensor testing, and white glove gateway installation to ensure optimal coverage and connectivity.

Our Technology Partners

We've partnered with market-leading experts to enhance your IoT ecosystem.


Our enterprise-grade IoT network platform supports your needs as you scale.

Platform Reliability
Take comfort knowing that the MachineQ platform is designed to support millions of endpoints across hundreds of thousands of gateways.
Hierarchical Access Controls
Define roles and assign permissions in MQcentral to control the access of your users and partners.
Bulk Provisioning
Leverage our micro-service architecture (pre-provisioning, activation, and inventory service) to scale and optimize your deployments.
End-to-End Security
Our platform includes end-to-end payload encryption using industry standard AES-128. MQcentral provides enhanced security for both management and mission critical sensor data.
Global Reach
Our gateways are deployable across different geographic regions and include cellular network coverage across the globe.

Co-Sell With Us

As part of the Comcast family, we can help you gain market exposure by giving you access to Fortune 500 enterprises across various industries.

Bring your IoT Solution to Life

Our fully integrated IoT network platform gives you everything you need to bring your IoT solution to life.