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Why LoRa®?

The steep rise in forecasted connected devices means that for the companies, businesses, campuses, and municipalities considering wide area IoT deployments, the question is no longer if these implementations will be initiated, but how.

Among a number of wide area IoT network solutions, LoRa offers distinct advantages to consider when choosing a connectivity provider.

The cornerstone technology powering the Internet of Things, LoRa enables smart solutions to transmit data efficiently and economically. More than 50MM devices use LoRa to fill the gaps left by cellular and WiFi: its technology is low power and long range, and supports indoor and outdoor applications, public, private, or hybrid.

Currently active in 49 countries and supported by the LoRa Alliance, LoRa is the simplest and most accessible solution for anyone looking to activate technology quickly and securely, whether in dense urban environments or rural settings. The LoRa ecosystem is enabling tomorrow’s technology, today.

The Connectivity Gap



Features and Benefits

LoRa Technology has revolutionized IoT by enabling data communication over a long range while using very little power. When connected to a non-cellular LoRa network, LoRa devices accommodate a vast range of IoT applications by transmitting packets with important information. LoRa fills the technology gap of cellular and Wi-Fi/BLE based networks that require either high bandwidth or high power, or have a limited range or inability to penetrate deep indoor environments.







Best-in-Class IoT Management Platform

LoRa is an open, global standard for secure enterprise-grade IoT connectivity. Deployed by 80+ major carriers worldwide, LoRa has emerged as the de-facto global network protocol for wireless IoT connectivity.

Device Management






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machineQ provides fully-managed, end-to-end connectivity, eliminating the complexity and expense of building and maintaining a network on your own.

  • Gateways connect to all provisioned, in-range sensors
  • Simple sensor activation and deactivation control
  • Sensor firmware update over-the-air capabilities for feature improvements and code fixes
  • Best-in-class hardware
  • Comprehensive hardware compatibility testing
  • Gateways pre-provisioned to machineQ
  • Gateway pricing based on Comcast’s scale
  • Optimal RF design plan and enhancements
  • Coordinate site development and gateway installation for custom-built applications
  • Custom designs based on geography and gateway options
  • Network monitoring and support via Comcast’s Operations Center
  • Tier 2 gateway support and troubleshooting
  • Firmware updates to ensure performance and feature set improvements
  • Sensor performance data
  • Fault and alarm data for sensor performance issues
  • Standards-based, AES 128-bit enterprise grade security
  • Two independent keys, for network data and application payload
  • Customer can manage their own application keys, preventing others from decrypting their data
  • machineQ core network bi-directional transport layer security

The Power of Comcast

machineQ leverages the expertise, reliability, and scale of Comcast to deliver best-in-class hardware, software, and knowledge to our growing ecosystem of solution providers and system integrators.

2.2 Million

Business customer relationships across SMB, mid-tier and enterprise.

Fortune 30

Full resources of one of the largest tech and media companies in the world.


$6+ Billion

Business services revenue represents one of the largest contributors to Comcast growth.