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Need help building a new IoT solution?

machineQ has a diverse set of resources available to help you achieve your goals: dedicated engineers who can address technical questions and recommended ‘design and build’ firms who can assist with your entire IoT product development lifecycle.

Need assistance with your LoRaWAN conversion?

If you have an existing IoT solution that uses another connectivity protocol or network, the machineQ LoRaWAN Sensor Design Conversion Guide will simplify the migration of your solution to our LoRaWAN network platform. The guide provides the information and resources you need to quickly bring your innovative IoT solution to market with machineQ.

Ready to power your solution with LoRaWAN?

Leverage Comcast’s dense network deployments while reaping the many benefits of LoRaWAN connectivity. There are several LPWAN technologies in the market today, but LoRaWAN is gaining the most traction as an LPWAN protocol.

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The LoRaWAN Sensor Conversion Guide

This serves as a technical guide to facilitate the sensor conversion process. To convert your existing IoT device or end-node to LoRaWAN, download the guide to get started.

machineQ Conversion Guide

Development Tools

Murata Module

machineQ, a Comcast enterprise Internet of Things service, and Murata, a global supplier of electronic components and power conversion technologies, have teamed up to offer best-in-class LoRaWAN™ modules. These ultra-compact modules are electronic components that wirelessly connect to the cloud using machineQ’s LoRaWAN network to enable devices of all sizes to monitor and track a business’s operations across multiple industries.


Product Page: Murata Module


mQSPARK is a plug-and-play development kit for rapid prototyping of IoT solutions. The development board is designed as a USB module that is easily plugged into your laptop to configure and power your solution.

Once configured, the board can be connected to a power bank for mobility. The mQSpark works with the open source Arduino IDE platform, which allows developers to tap into a huge development community to speed up the process. Additionally, the mQSpark is compatible with the suite of Grove sensors, which have easy-to-use standardized connectors.

The mQSpark includes a development board and up to 5 Grove connectors:


Get started with this ultimate sensor-compatible tool in just five simple steps.

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ST Discovery

Getting started with machineQ™ and LoRaWAN™ based IoT development is now even easier. In collaboration with our alliance partner, STMicroelectronics™, the machineQ STMicro Discovery Development Kit enables embedded developers to quickly design and prototype LoRaWAN  connected IoT devices and is optimized with the latest firmware for the machineQ IoT network.

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mQFlex is a plug-and-play device for quick deployment across multiple IoT use cases. It is a robust LoRaWAN-compliant multi-usage device capable of monitoring temperature, acceleration, pressure, and humidity, and includes a gyroscope and magnetometer.

mQFlex is compact and has a long battery life (3-5 years), which makes it a cost-effective solution to collect data and trigger threshold detection mechanisms in a wide variety of applications. The device is a low cost, rapid time-to-market solution that can support any business model from use case validation to mass implementation with its easy out-of-the-box configurable capabilities. mQFlex is the easiest way to trial a LoRa device and bring a realized solution to market. Commercially available Summer 2018.

Key Benefits:

  • Pre-provisioned to machineQ
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Compact size: 65x30x28 mm (LxWxH)
  • Robust casing meets IP67 specification
  • JavaScript application with NFC interface for easy programming and modification

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Device Implementation Guide

This Guide provides the basis for all LoRa-supported device technical requirements, design, development, and testing. It is intended to be the reference document for all stakeholders involved in any LoRa-related development work for devices operating on machineQ.

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