Our enterprise-grade software-as-a-service is designed for ease and built for scale.

mQCentral Dashboard

mQCentral is our cloud-based, fully integrated gateway and device management software platform, enabling users to provision devices and gateways on the machineQ IoT management platform, run diagnostics, manage users, and set custom notifications.


For our advanced users, we offer access to the same APIs on which we’ve built mQCentral to provision your applications with the latest and most reliable data and metrics.


Custom rules ensure that our customers are notified immediately of critical alerts. mQCentral’s customizable grouping features simplify the onboarding process for both devices and gateways.

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Key Advantages

  • Designed for millions of units at scale, also ideal for lab development and POCs
  • Hosted in geo-redundant data centers for continuity purposes and to minimize network latency
  • Utilizes advanced Kubernetes deployments to scale with your business and maximize our hosting efficiencies
  • Easy-to-use APIs to simplify interaction with your application (e.g., Microsoft Azure, AWS, and others)
  • All supported by an Engineering team with decades of experience building the largest ISP network in the world
  • All of machineQ’s infrastructure and cloud integrations are continuously monitored for performance and scale