Integrated Product Suite

MachineQ provides integrated, enterprise-grade hardware and software for low-power IoT solutions.

area 8c gateway


Our LoRaWAN® gateways can process millions of transmissions per day and provide superior range, propagation, and cost-efficiency.


Our software is designed to manage every stage of development — from proof-of-concept to global scale.

mqflex multi-use sensor


We offer a wide range of best-in-class, low-power sensors, powered by MachineQ, accelerating your time to market.

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Best-in-Class Gateways

Our gateways are built and tested by our in-house LoRaWAN® experts to ensure optimal connectivity for all of your deployments. Our platform provides centralized management for critical software, application, and configuration updates, while providing a window into the health of your deployments.

Key features

  • blue-check-markPriced for Scale
  • blue-check-markTiered Platform Licensing
  • blue-check-markEasy Onboarding
  • blue-check-markNetwork Management Portal
  • blue-check-markOver the Air Updates
  • blue-check-markMultiple Backhaul Options
  • blue-check-markPayload Caching
  • blue-check-markRF Optimized and Certified

Authorized Distributors

MachineQ products also available from our authorized distributor partners:

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Powerful Network Management Portal

Our network management portal, MQcentral, is designed to manage every stage of development, from proof of concept to global scale.

Key Features

  • blue-check-markDevice & Gateway Health Data
  • blue-check-markCustom Health Alerts
  • blue-check-markDetailed Troubleshooting Logs
  • blue-check-markCloud Integrations
  • blue-check-markDevice Data Visualizations
  • blue-check-markCustom User Roles

Use our APIs

We've designed and developed the MachineQ platform to provide the maximum flexibility when interfacing with our technology.

MQflex multi-use sensor

Smart Sensors

Whether you're searching for a multi-use device to test IoT solutions or a specific sensor tailored to your use case, we offer a variety of LoRaWAN®-compliant devices to meet your needs. Learn more about our full suite of devices and accelerate your time to market.

A Robust Ecosystem

Powering 200+ Unique Solution Providers

MachineQ Quickstart

Test-drive our IoT network platform with this MachineQ QuickStart bundle.

Find out just how easy it is to collect, route, and deliver LoRaWAN® sensor data from edge devices to your end-user application(s). Whether you're looking to build a prototype, or validating how IoT might solve your business challenge, the MachineQ QuickStart will help accelerate your IoT planning and network considerations.

Optimized LoRaWAN® Stack

Leveraging an optimized LoRaWAN® stack ensures sensors on our network transmit data in the most reliable, secure, and power-efficient manner possible.

Advanced Join Algorithm
We’ve implemented an optimized join algorithm that results in as much as 80% faster device onboarding to the platform.
Enhanced Connectivity Control and Stability
Flexible connectivity configuration parameters allow applications to automate re-join functionality. Alternatively, invoke query-able API parameters for application driven re-join procedures.
Easy-to-Use APIs
Integration with an optimized LoRaWAN® stack is made easy with our extensive documentation and reference code, accelerating solution development and testing.

Bring your IoT Solution to Life

Our suite of fully integrated products, services, and tools give you the support to bring your solution to life.