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STRATIS is a smart access, energy, and automation management and control system, built specifically for multifamily and student housing.

STRATIS manages thermostats, lights, locks, water, and more. Focused on a return on investment for property owners and managers, residents will also become natural beneficiaries of this system.

STRATIS’ goal is to simplify the way properties are managed and increase Net Operating Income (NOI). Their solutions enable better response times for maintenance personnel, provide preventative alerts for Property Managers, reduce energy waste, mitigate damages in the event of fire or leak and increase security for staff and Residents.

Specifications and Features 

  • Reduce energy costs between 15–20% by remotely managing thermostats and lights in vacant units
  • Enable residents to control thermostats and lights remotely 
  • Use the eco-friendly thermostat mode for further cost savings 
  • Manage smart locks on your property through an advanced access management system 
  • Allow residents and staff to unlock doors with just a mobile phone
  • Prevent water damage with STRATIS leak sensors that alert property managers and residents when and where a leak is happening for immediate action

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