Workspace Optimization


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Tapdn is a workplace occupancy platform that provides objective data on how your workspace is being used.

Tapdn by CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is a sensor-based data platform that helps companies understand how their workspace is being utilized, enabling them to optimize their space and better plan for the future of their real estate. Delivering the occupancy data in our robust reporting platform allows our customers to make informed decisions, as opposed to subjective opinions, relying on observation studies or alternative data sets, which can be expensive, subject to human error, provide inaccurate representations of utilization, and only last for a snapshot of time.

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Sensors can be installed underneath desks and on conference room walls to provide objective data on your workplace use.

Specifications & Features:

  • Gain visibility into workspace utilization trends via the user interface
  • Access data to justify your real estate strategy decisions
  • Balance employee-to-dedicated desk ratio and minimize square footage required
  • Battery operated sensors
  • MachineQ gateways operate outside of client network infrastructure
  • White glove or self-installed options available

About Tapdn

The Tapdn™ platform delivers data-driven analysis to our customers about their unique workforce and real estate, enabling them to appropriately plan for the evolution of their workplace. Space utilization data equips our customers with the ability to respond to the shifting needs of the agile workforce, at the speed of business.

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