Digital Matter

 Asset Tracking

Digital Matter’s Oyster is a GPS Asset Location device, designed to use the Comcast MachineQ network. The Oyster provides GPS locations, and when used with a software platform like Telematics Guru, it can revolutionize the asset management in your business. Get asset locations, movement alerts, utilization figures, geo-fence violation reports, and much more. The device is seamlessly integrated into the Comcast MachineQ network, with a variety of options for getting online quickly and easily. The network provides standardized, low cost functionality, with excellent coverage. The Oyster is designed specifically for LoRaWAN, giving excellent battery life and long range communication. The device is powered by 3 user replaceable AA batteries, in a robust IP67 housing. Coupled with machineQ network, our offering allows Digital Matter devices to service customers across the country with minimal integration.