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NanoThings™ provides a transformative wireless end-to-end technology solution for two broad application areas: Connected Logistics and Print Media.

The NanoTag™ is the world’s smallest and only disposable, multi-sensing, ultra long range connected sensor. Weighing in at a mere five grams and the approximate size of a credit card, the NanoTag more closely resembles a RFID tag than an asset tracker. Sensor applications are unlimited and include NanoThings’ proprietary “open” monitoring, temperature monitoring, shock monitoring and more. The NanoTag is seamlessly compatible with NanoThings’ homegrown data management platform.

To enable the NanoTag, NanoThings required better propagation and cheaper connectivity costs than cellular, ultra low power, as well as compatibility with low cost hardware. Nanothings found the perfect solution in LoRa®, which supports all of its connectivity criteria both in the U.S. and abroad.

MachineQ™ has helped Nanothings work with customers to best leverage their scalable IoT cloud platform. The integration with the machineQ service provides real-time insights to NanoTag sensor data within its cloud platform.