Leak Detection

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The AquaTracer® by WaterCents represents a new approach to water cost control. The AquaTracer® is a sensor that quickly and easily attaches to the water line of a toilet requiring no specialized installation tools or plumbing skills. It allows property & facility managers, maintenance supervisors and business owners to quickly identify and eliminate costly toilet leaks within their commercial properties.

To better leverage the benefits of the pervasive machineQ™ IoT platform, WaterCents developed a LoRa® version of the AquaTracer® that not only simplifies the installation process, but eliminates the need for handheld or complex custom networks for data collection. The combination of machineQ and WaterCents offers customers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), as much as 30% over traditional ‘fixed-point’ (IEEE802.15.4) wireless solutions, in addition to improved reliability of data collection and timely reporting. This allows WaterCents to focus attention on customer acquisition and growth.