Lighting Control


REACH by netLiNK Controls is a LoRaWAN based intelligent 0-10VDC dimming control system for commercial site lighting and municipal street lighting. This product debuted on machineQ’s network in 2017. A single gateway using LoRa Technology enables deep penetration capability for dense urban environments, while also providing the ability to connect to end-devices 10+ miles away. This allows REACH to communicate with hundreds of thousands of IoT devices at distances that far surpass anything currently available on the market today without the need of costly cellular technology and extra hardware.

REACH provides smart sensing and control infrastructure which allows users to collect and analyze data from connected devices in a streamlined manner. The web-based platform provides powerful management and reporting tools and allows users to control different end points individually, by groups, schedules, and receive notifications on devices operating out of specification. Historical reporting, energy savings, and fixture audit reports are just a few of the on demand reports available with REACH.