Smart Irrigation’s sensors are used by golf course superintendents and agriculture managers to record and monitor soil moisture levels and temperature, to monitor and assist the process of determining when and where to irrigate and fertilizer their turf. With sensors, golf course superintendents ensure the soil moisture is neither too high nor too low, both of which can affect the health of the turf and the quality of the playing surface. Farm managers use sensor analytics to optimize irrigation and fertilization, and to accurately determine planting cycles and crop performance. initially considered cellular connectivity, however ultimately discovered the battery power draw was too great for their use case. Because sensors are deployed on remote fairways and crop fields, they require a power-efficient communications protocol that minimizes maintenance to once every few years. LoRaWAN more than met their requirements.

machineQ facilitated’s transition from cellular to LoRaWAN by offering conversion financing, executing the technical implementation, and building an emerging channel partnership. With machineQ, can drive operational time, labor, and material savings (such as fertilizer and chemicals), place sensors across wide areas, without needing access to a power source, and easily launch and leverage their network with technical implementation assistance.