Smart Irrigation


Vinduino helps agriculture communities better manage irrigation through open source and affordable technology, achieving up to 50% irrigation water savings. Its remote IoT sensor technology combines data collected from soil, weather, and satellites to accurately recommend quantity and frequency for best crop results.

Combined with the machineQ™ IoT platform, the LoRa® irrigation valve controller allows remote operation of five (5) irrigation valves and integrates with Vinduino’s application to automate irrigation. Compared to manual valve operation, this ensures accurate irrigation timing and labor savings.

Vinduino offers an end-to-end farm management solution designed by growers to meet the requirements of farmers. The product features include; precision irrigation, work planning, compliance reporting, GPS tracking and cost allocation. Vinduino offers a specialized application for vineyards and orchards.

For live field measurements in agriculture, machineQ’s LoRa® connectivity is the preferred IoT platform technology to offer long range, low cost, secure, and low energy wireless communication. Vinduino’s work with machineQ enables the company to provide ultra-reliable and scalable managed services to its customers.