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digi thermo is a Smart Air Conditioning Monitoring System and machineQ™ customer, offering services based on interconnected IoT devices and innovative Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN™) technology. Leveraging the machineQ low power IoT network and the digi cloud-based analytics platform, its intelligent web dashboard will provide real-time monitoring and automation solutions to drive energy efficiency for commercial buildings, offices, homes and other non-industrial facilities.

The demand for more efficient buildings to achieve both cost savings and smaller environmentally friendly carbon footprints has placed a new focus on smart building automation systems. According to Energy.gov, electrical power for air conditioners costs American homeowners $11 billion every year. Maintaining more efficient air conditioning can lower energy consumption for a home or business by up to 15-20%.

digi thermo provides a complete monitoring solution that combines data collected from sensors with powerful analytics to optimize everything from core facilities maintenance to energy management, building automation, indoor climate monitoring and more.

Built on the machineQ network, digi thermo’s cost-effective software solutions deliver real-time monitoring and alerts, predictive maintenance, accurate and reliable forecasting models, data-driven building management and multi-sensor integration.