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Utility Metering

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For over a decade, H2O Degree has manufactured a broad line of wireless utility sub-metering products for multi-family dwelling and commercial facilities. The systems are ideal for tenant billing, water leak detection and energy analytics.

Across the country, 30,000 apartments have over 60,000 installed H2O Degree sub-metering products which support increased building efficiency, lowered utility costs, energy-saving Green Building initiatives and LEED certification programs. H2O Degree recently introduced a utility meter pulse counter with integrated LoRaWAN™ radio that interfaces with a wide variety of water, electric, gas and BTU meters.

The integration of the LoRaWAN based sub-metering system with the expansive and secure machineQ™ IoT platform provides a scalable enterprise-grade network for H2O Degree to expand its customer base. It relies on machineQ’s interoperable, cost-effective and reliable wireless LoRaWAN IoT network platform to collect data that in turn supports its customers with H2O Degree’s robust cloud-based utility usage dashboards, sub-metering portal, water leak detection reports and instantaneous alarms.