MachineQ for Asset Management Solution

Get Real-Time Insights Into Your Assets

Improve asset visibility, maximize staff productivity, and optimize equipment usage and right-sizing with an end-to-end IoT solution.

MachineQ for Asset Management

An end-to-end solution for indoor asset tracking accelerates time to deployment and reduces setup costs. Backed by Comcast, MachineQ for Asset Management delivers hardware, software, professional installation, and maintenance at a lower total cost of ownership than RFID or manual processes. We also enable additional use cases, such as predictive maintenance and temperature monitoring.


Location accuracy

Asset tag battery life

The Power of LoRaWAN and BLE

MachineQ for Asset Management enables enterprises to gain a comprehensive view of indoor inventory, equipment, and movable assets by pairing LoRaWAN® and BLE wireless technologies.

Replacing RFID solutions and manual processes, our simple, scalable end-to-end solution provides more accurate asset visibility, improves staff productivity, and optimizes equipment usage at the right cost.

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Locate and Monitor Inventory and High-Value Assets

Maintain an accurate view of the location of high-value inventory, equipment, and movable assets.

Optimize Equipment Utilization

Reduce the misplacement of frequently used and shared assets so your enterprise can leverage what you have available.

Maximize Staff Productivity

Eliminate the need for staff to scan assets or manually search for critical assets, improve inefficiencies, and maximize productivity.

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Reduce Capital Expenditures

Track assets more effectively, lower the cost of unnecessary repurchasing of goods, and improve your bottom line.

Optimize Equipment Lifecycle Maintenance

Streamline the process of maintenance and calibration by knowing exactly where equipment is in real-time.

Centralize Data

Digitize location data of indoor assets and consolidate this data by using our application and seamless integrations to ERP systems.

MachineQ Asset Management for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical

MachineQ enables visibility into high-value, indoor equipment with a simple, scalable end-to-end solution. Get real-time, accurate location insights at a more affordable cost than RFID and manual processes.

Example Use Cases

  • Optimize asset discoverability and increase equipment utilization
  • Align supply and demand for laboratory equipment and reduce capital expenditure
  • Gain visibility into asset lifecycle in labs and warehouses and streamline maintenance
LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®

MachineQ Asset Management for Manufacturing

MachineQ helps manufacturing companies locate indoor inventory, equipment, and movable parts in manufacturing plants with a simple, scalable end-to-end BLE / LoRaWAN solution that provides real-time, accurate location data at a more affordable cost than RFID and manual processes.

Example Use Cases

  • Monitor parts and WIP goods throughout the manufacturing process
  • Locate tools and equipment that require maintenance
  • Track inventory bins of raw materials or components at manufacturing plants
LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®

How It Works

BLE Asset Tag
Attach MachineQ’s long-life, cost-effective proximity tags to high-value assets to retrieve location data.
Location Bridge
The MachineQ Location Bridge communicates wirelessly and scans for BLE asset tags in highly dense environments, enabling fast and accurate asset location reporting.
LoRaWAN Gateway
The MachineQ Area 8c gateway provides reliable LoRaWAN connectivity and supports up to tens of thousands of BLE asset tags.
Use MachineQ's application to visualize asset location, provision and manage tags and location bridges, create alerts, manage floor plans, and more. Easily integrate the solution with your ERP system.

Enable Efficient, Fast, and Accurate Location Reporting With MachineQ for Asset Management