From Data Generation to Value Realization

Turning sensor data into actionable intelligence requires numerous handoffs between many components, starting with the sensor software, through the cloud, to data visualization.


Your IoT solution is only as good as the sensors feeding it. It all starts here.


Our LoRaWAN® expertise ensures that sensors on our network collect and transmit data in the most reliable, secure, and power-efficient manner possible.

AES-128 encryption from sensor to gateway


Our LoRaWAN® gateways are designed to process millions of transmissions per day, providing superior range, propagation, and cost efficiency.

Sensor payloads and wireless metadata are combined and encrypted with AES-256

Global Capacity

Our virtual infrastructure allows us to deploy capacity globally, enabling optimal local performance and redundancy.

Manage at Scale

Our network management portal, MQcentral, provides centralized management for critical software, application, and configuration updates, while providing a window into the health of your deployments.

Health Management

Easily access the health and connectivity status of all deployed sensors and gateways to detect problems before they occur.

Easy Activation

Activate and provision thousands of sensors and gateways in seconds.

Tailored Alerts

Customize rules, triggers, and alerts to notify you immediately about the events you care about most.

Over the Air Updates

Schedule and push critical software, application, and configuration updates to sensors and gateways anywhere in the world.

Manage Your Data

Our IoT platform transforms and delivers your data to the applications of your choice.


Deduplication is natively supported by LoRaWAN®, enabling network redundancy and data reliability.


Industry-leading payload decryption enhances our ability to relay and transform sensor payloads from a wide range of devices.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Smart technology is no longer a promise, it is an expectation. Streamline your operations today with the power of MachineQ.