We’ve continued to listen to your feedback and wanted to highlight a few great features that have been added to MQcentral over the past few months.

What’s New?

We’ve heard your requests and we are pleased to roll out a new capacity to list all devices heard by a given gateway in the last 24-hours. This will prove especially useful for clients operating large, complex LoRaWAN® networks.

What’s Improved?

We’ve made it easier to onboard a single device by setting a default value for the Service Profile and moving it under the Advanced Settings section.  We’ve also improved the process for bulk provisioning of devices and gateways. This feature will automatically remove any extraneous whitespaces from the CSV file, so you no longer need to manually edit them out of the file before uploading. 

We’ve also updated our user interface, improving several tooltips and organizing the log stream data to make it easier to quickly identify the information that is most important to you. Finally, you will notice a new look for our Swagger API, although all functionality remains the same.

Under the Hood Improvements

With this update, we’re introducing several bug fixes and requested features. In addition, we’ve also put in place stability changes for improved performance and reduced latency.  No action is required on your part. For more details, view our full release notes here.

There are more features coming out soon!  If you are interested in learning more about MQcentral or want to submit a feature request, please feel free to contact us.

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