Eddy Home sensors detect leaks and track both temperature and humidity conditions inside homes and businesses. The sensor is installed on the water main, alerting the customer of any issues, and allowing them (and a back-end monitoring center) to remotely shut off the water. Eddy Home has 25 years of experience, and their products have saved thousands of customers millions of liters of water while alerting them to issues by continuously monitoring the water situation of their homes.

Specifications & Features:

  • 24/7 monitoring and access to Eddy Home’s trained professionals
  • Instant notifications alert problems for immediate action
  • Remote and automatic shutoff when an issue is detected, averting disastrous damage
  • Certified installation by an Eddy Home professional
  • Water usage insights via the user interface

About Eddy Solutions:

Eddy Solutions is an innovative North American manufacturer of smart water metering products and related technologies. Our intelligent suite of products continually tracks and monitors the water environments of multi-dwelling units, ensuring that water damage is mitigated. Committed to empowering property owners with Intelligent Water Management tools that identify issues, monitor usage, and mitigate water damage, our team of experts is revolutionizing risk management in buildings and homes, with comprehensive award-winning technology that provides real-time data and enables shutoff when necessary.

For more information visit https://eddysolutions.com.