provides real-time location, productivity, worker identification and activity data for construction projects.  Its IoT solution compares project metrics with forensic data to provide actionable analytics like early warning signals to optimize workforce and predict safety incidents. removes hours of time spent on manual timesheets and increases the accuracy of payroll while providing daily insights on profits and loss. Safety incidents such as fall, slip, access to unsafe zones and evacuations are communicated in real-time, reducing response time and saving lives.

Solutions for the construction industry require non-WiFi, non-GPS, battery powered devices with a network that penetrates through building materials. has built such a solution that runs on MachineQ’s LoRa-based connectivity.  This solution allows construction businesses to increase labor productivity by 20%, giving project managers insight into the performance of crew and overall costs. 

Safety is a critical focus area for construction companies and’s solution offers instant alerts on falls and accidents, enabling immediate rescue to the precise incident location. It also ensures compliance of each worker to increase safety practices on job sites. helps companies mitigate overall project risk, forecast delays and duration, and provides a digital audit trail of each project to ensure transparency for stakeholders.

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