Take the Fast Track to IoT Innovation

MachineQ makes it simple to build, connect and deploy low power, wide-area IoT solutions at scale – quickly and with confidence.

Build IoT Solutions

MachineQ provides an all-in-one connectivity platform, seamlessly integrated from device to cloud, so you can develop IoT solutions faster and with less risk.

Explore IoT Solutions

Debating whether to build a custom IoT solution or deploy a pre-built solution? MachineQ unlocks your options with trusted partnerships, a growing portfolio of ready-to-deploy solutions, and field installation services from Comcast.

Integrated for Faster Innovation

The MachineQ IoT network connectivity platform makes it simple to capture sensor data at the edge and securely deliver it to any business application.

By vertically integrating our platform from device to cloud, we’ve removed the complexities of IoT network design, deployment and management so you can focus on innovating and creating new opportunities.

The MachineQ IoT Network Connectivity Platform

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Designed for Ease

MachineQ’s fully integrated platform is a single IoT network solution with plug-and-play architecture, simple network management tools, and easy-to-use integrations to accelerate your IoT innovation.

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Optimized for Reliability

With over-the-air gateway upgrades, customizable network health alerts, and remote diagnostics, MachineQ provides the most advanced network management tools, ensuring secure, reliable connectivity.

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Built for Scale

Combining dynamic scaling, streamlined provisioning, gateways that can connect 10,000 devices, and 360-degree network health monitoring, the MachineQ platform can scale solutions without capacity issues.

LoRaWAN® Fills a Critical Gap in the Market

The MachineQ platform leverages LoRaWAN, a best-in-class low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol offering superior range, propagation, and power-efficiency that makes it ideal for diverse IoT use cases.

Battery-powered devices last for up to ten years in the field, making it easier and more cost-effective to manage and scale IoT deployments.
LoRaWAN can penetrate through dense materials for collection and transmission of data over long distances and in densely built, underground, and hazardous environments.
A single MachineQ gateway supports thousands of devices and millions of transmissions per day, lowering your infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Accelerate Your IoT Journey

Whether you’re looking to build a custom solution or leverage our fully integrated IoT platform and best-in-class partner solutions, MachineQ is your trusted partner throughout your journey.