Accelerating Digital Innovation for Food Services

Technology and innovation are helping restaurants transform how they operate to survive and thrive in a new era – one that’s connected and contactless.

A New Way of Operating

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the opportunities available to those in the food services industry to reinvent themselves using innovative digital solutions. It's become clear that adopting these solutions is key to remaining competitive, and most of all, relevant.

What’s at Stake?

Operational efficiencies equal big-time savings. With low-power IoT solutions, you can automate routine tasks, save on energy costs, and free up employee time. It's a win-win when the bottom line is at stake.


More energy used in quick-service restaurants than in commercial space

Source: ENERGY STAR®, Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Your Restaurant


Average 3-year ROI on food waste reduction programs in restaurants

Source: Champions 12.3, The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste: Restaurants



Time restaurant staff spends on manual operational and safety-related tasks

Source: Zenput & Technomic, a Winsight Company, 2021 Restaurant Operations Report

Low-Power IoT Solutions in Action

IoT is enabling the food services industry to bounce back and cater to new norms.

It’s providing the ability for restaurant owners to rethink the entire process from operations to customer service with cleanliness, compliance, efficiency, and bottom-line savings in mind.

Low-power IoT solutions, specifically, can optimize and positively impact all areas of a business within this framework.

Thought Leadership

Explore blogs, articles, and other resources filled with best practices, tips and considerations, to help accelerate IoT innovation at your restaurant.

Leveraging IoT Solutions to Protect Profit Margins

How do restaurant operators find efficiencies to minimize costs without degrading quality or service?

IoT Brings Relief to Restaurants Struggling with Worker Shortages

Operators can drive efficiencies, increase sales, optimize the customer experience, and reduce costs.

Reduce Operating Expenses with IoT Solutions Powered by MachineQ

Leading brands in the restaurant industry partner with MachineQ for a full range of IoT applications designed to transform how businesses operate in a new connected era.

LoRaWAN Solutions at Scale, Powered by MachineQ

MachineQ makes it simple to build, connect and deploy low power, wide-area IoT solutions quickly and with confidence.

We’ve removed the complexities of IoT network design, deployment, and management by integrating our platform from device to cloud to work seamlessly with our solutions partners’ devices and end-applications. The end result is a holistic IoT solution that enables you to focus on innovating and keeping your customers satisfied.

Accelerate the Digitization Efforts of Your Business

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