Introducing 10 New Ways to Use the MQ Platform to Scale Your IoT Solutions

10 devices, endless use cases

September 27, 2019

Chrissy Bullock

Our mission is to improve how the world operates through the power of connected sensors. To that end, we are excited to announce that we are growing our catalog of LoRa solutions and releasing 10 new devices to support some of the most prominent use cases.

This release opens up possibilities for integration on the MachineQ platform across multiple verticals and serves as a natural complement to your existing MachineQ enabled LoRaWAN network:

More Devices, More Opportunities to Innovate

With new sensors that track temperature, motion, light, humidity, and more, there is an opportunity to enhance your current IoT foundation with even more actionable intelligence. While these devices are designed to support a variety of use cases across verticals, here are a few specific applications of these devices for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and Smart Buildings.

Quick Service Restaurants

If you own or manage a QSR, you know that proper temperature and humidity management are critical to your success. Temperature and humidity not only affect the comfort of your employees and customers but also impact food safety, compliance, and quality.

Our indoor temperature and humidity sensor remotely monitors ambient air temperature and humidity and alerts you if either measure falls above or below the optimal range. By providing real-time alerts, this device enables you to proactively address potential issues and ensure the comfort of your employees and customers.

For monitoring conditions in refrigerators and freezers, we offer a temperature and humidity sensor that’s optimized for low temperature environments. This wireless device alerts you of environmental changes in real-time, helping you protect your inventory, and ensure food safety and compliance.

Our open/close sensor can further protect your inventory and help you prevent costly food spoilage by proactively alerting you if a cooler or freezer door is left ajar. Simple and easy to install, this magnetic device can be used on doors, windows, and gates, supporting a variety of different use cases.

Our new push button sensor provides you with a better, faster way to trigger alerts for immediate response. This simple and easy-to-use device transmits notifications at the touch of a button, offering you a wide range of use cases — from supply level alerts to maintenance requests.

Our lighting sensor monitors ambient light intensity, providing visibility into energy usage. Data transmitted from the device can be used to inform energy optimization and, when combined with other technology, can be used for building automation.

With these devices and one of our best-in-class LoRaWAN gateways, you can easily monitor the operations and environmental conditions of your entire facility, from the dining area and restrooms to the prep space and food storage areas. 

Smart Buildings

Whether you manage a commercial, residential, or industrial building, we’re introducing several new devices to support your security and building optimization needs. 

Our motion, light, and temperature sensor can help you improve the safety and security of your building by notifying you if movement is detected within a specified monitoring area, for example, a secured or restricted area of your facility. This multi-sensing device can also be used for a variety of other use-cases including energy monitoring and building automation.

Our two new water leak sensors make it easy to detect moisture so you can address leaks before they turn into disasters. The water leak sensor is designed with two probes that can be attached to areas prone to water leaks, such as under a sink, window, or low-lying corners. If moisture is detected by either of the probes, the device sends an instant alert to notify you of the issue. To monitor for moisture over a wider area, such as beneath a pipe or along a basement wall, we also offer a water leak rope sensor, which transmits notifications if water is detected along any part of the 3 meter rope. By proactively monitoring and addressing water leaks, these devices help you protect valuable property, prevent costly repairs, and reduce operating costs.

Another device that can help you protect your property is our new vibration sensor, which detects movement using rolling-ball technology, providing you with real-time insights on machinery and structure movement.

To understand the environmental conditions of your building, we offer a multi-sensing device that monitors PM2.5 (dust), temperature, and humidity. With the ability to monitor these environmental factors, this device can help you improve equipment efficiency and ensure a healthy environment for building occupants. 

All these sensors have been optimized to work with the MachineQ platform, ensuring long-battery life, short join windows, and idealized performance along with our gateways.  In addition, these sensors can be configured to set the sampling rate and threshold to adapt to the application for each customer’s specific needs.

Dream up New Possibilities and Make them a Reality

The IoT industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and we’re committed to bringing you more devices, features, and opportunities to unlock critical data to help your business grow and innovate. Our platform provides you with everything you need to succeed, from devices and gateways to management and applications.

These ten devices, which are now available for purchase through our online store, represent only the beginning of the new capabilities we are introducing onto our platform in the coming months. If you are interested in having a specific sensor capability available for future releases, please contact us and let us know!

Accelerate your IoT Journey

Whether you’re looking to build a custom solution or leverage our fully integrated IoT platform and best-in-class partner solutions, this release demonstrates our commitment to supporting you throughout the IoT lifecycle, from device creation to cloud management.